14 January 2009

I'm the Staypuff Marshmallow Girl

Ooof. I am donating eggs again this Friday (round number 5) and am feeling very very puffy. I am so full of eggs I am about to cluck. The last day or two before retrieval is always kinda miserable. It doesn't HURT, but it is just uncomfortable to be so very aware of your ovaries.

I have gotten some sewing done, including a new Jalie top that I love, but refuse to have my picture taken while I am in a state of puff. So pictures next week.

In the meantime I have been cleaning out the sewing room to make room for my Big Surprise. If I am lucky, perhaps it will arrive this weekend. Cleaning the sewing room is like a treasure hunt. I am finding all kinds of supplies and fabrics that I have no recollection of buying. Which tells me I need to STOP buying until I get a handle on what I have. Sigh.

Poor orange cat Fred is getting surgery on Friday as well, on his eyes. We will convelese together. Nothing like a living purring heating pad to make you feel better post-surgery! :-)


djStoreRoom said...


I am from your new Sew Craft Blog Group 4. Just finished adding everyone to my blog!! Happy blogging!


DanainDFW said...

As someone who has benefited from donor eggs (my son is 5.5 now), I just wanted to say thank you. Your gift could grant someone's wishes. Hope it's easy on you. (And, I hope it's a successful cycle for the recipient.)