09 October 2008

Practicality wins

So as much as I would have loved a gorgeously hand-sewn hem on my reception dress, the fullness of the skirt beat me over the head with the impracticallity of doing that with so much to do and so little time. So I cheated and just did a rolled hem on my serger.

Does it look fabulous and is it what I wanted/dreamed of? No.

Is it passable and unnoticeable to 99 percent of the people that will see it? Yes.

Sometimes you just have to go with what is easy.

So the reception dress is almost done. I brought it to work today to do the finishing details, so hopefully it will be done when I get home and just need a good pressing. Work proceeds on the suit, but I have so little time left it might just be a two piece rather than a three piece.

But in the meantime, I am soothing myself with these pictures of the Cutest Cake Topper EVER!! Yes I made it. Yes those are tiny replicas of us and the cats in clay, dressed in real live scraps of fabric. The little paw prints represent my kitty Joe who passed away last year. The kitty poses represent the personalities of the kitties (George is saying Mommy Mommy look at me while Fred goes straight for the cake) while the humans are in a swing dance pose that even ended up vaguely heart shaped. AWWWWWWWWW.

Yes, I am a crazy person. :-) I will try to get better pictures, including ones that show the kitty faces because they turned out really cute.


Alana said...

Wow. That's gorgeous.

Dana said...

That topper is great. I love the footprints.

Summerset said...

Super cute cake top!

I don't do the hems on the really big vintage skirts by hand, either. I do 1/4" double rolled hems or 1/8" baby hems by machine. It still takes time, but not like hand stitching!

Carole said...

I absolutely adore your cake topper. Love the idea of swing dancing, and the paw prints in rememberence of your departed cat!

ali4579@gmail.com said...

If I counted correctly, I think your wedding was this weekend just gone. I hope you had a blast!!

lsaspacey said...

You are brilliantly talented!! I am amazed at all you made for your wedding. Brava!!!!!