11 July 2008

Sweethearts and Lasers

I loved the Jalie sweetheart top I made before so much that I made another.

Fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics. The comparison of this pic to myself in this shirt a few months ago makes me realize that all those workouts I have been doing are not completely in vain. Or that I am just better at fitting myself in a flattering way. Either one, I'll take it!

The look on my face is because just as The Boy was about to take the picture the Orange Menace (aka Fred the Cat) was just putting his paws up to scratch a chair. So I had to give him my Don't Make Me Come Over There laser beam eyes.


Summerset said...

Cute top!

Debbie Cook said...

It looks great on you! I need to get out mine and make another too, since I really like this pattern.

Linda said...

I have just made one of these tops and figured out the appropriate sizes I need to wear. I like you like it so much that I am making a second one now that I have the fit right. I love your fabric!