18 July 2008

Jalie Obsessed

I love Jalie knit top patterns. This is my first attempt at the twist top pattern, made from a lovely fabric from Fashionista Fabrics. It has just a little bit of sparkle--not to much for daytime wear, enough to spice it up for nighttime wear.

I was not so smart and only cut out one sleeve. and by the time I realized my mistake, there was not enough fabric left for another. So it became sleeveless. It probably would have looked a little better if it had been intended to be sleeveless from the beginning, but I still like it.

I really like the modesty panel option they included. So many patterns out there are just WAY too low cut on me. I don't know if it is because I am busty or if I am just a prude. But including an attractive looking modesty options means I didn't have to modify the neckline. Yay!

Go Jalie!! I just ordered three more of their patterns and can't wait for them to get here. I have a bajillion lovely yards of knit just waiting to be cut.


Alana said...

Are you short? I thought everything had a plunging neckline until I realized that it's because I'm even short between my shoulders and chest.

Your top looks great!

Linda said...

I just made two Jalie sweetheart tops and really loving my success now that I have the right sizes selected. I may need to get this one. I have another Jalie ready to go and is one of their newer releases. This was a good save on your part and I like the modesty panel as well.