11 April 2007

My first serge

I bought a serger many moons ago and then sat on it. I feared the serger.


It began with my niece, who is in the hospital for an extended period. She has this one pair of jammies that is comfortable and that she doesn't have to take off for the nurses to get at everything they need to get at. But her mom couldn't find another pair anywhere and called me to make a copy. And as they are made with a knit fabric, I figured it was the perfect time to confront my fears.

The result:

Not perfect, but not bad for my first serge. And niece is very happy to have three new jammies in her favorite colors. They are made with a medium weight cotton stretch fabric, bound with strips of the same fabric in a different color.

Yay! I am Hero for a Day!

1 comment:

dawn said...

You did a great job!