26 January 2015

Disney Avengers Race costumes

Someday I will catch up on the How I Did It photos for all of these costumes.  I have the photos, just never get around to writing the posts.  I think I am about five costumes behind at this point.

But here are final pics for my Avengers costumes.

For the 5k, I was old school Nick Fury.

I also did costumes for two of my friends.  One was Captain America, one was Loki.  We were all ruffle butts.  

All of our costumes had lots of Hidden Mickeys, which I will go into more detail on a future post.  

For the half marathon, I was Loki.  This costume was also full of Hidden Mickeys.

Lots of fun details to this one, which hopefully I will go into in a future post.  After I go into detail on the five other costumes I haven't done full posts on yet.  Sigh.  


Kelli Greaves said...

The costumes are wonderful...detailed, creative, and inspirational!! Out of curiosity what a Mickey's?

Brooke said...

At the disney parks, there are Mickey Mouse heads hidden everywhere in the decor. I do the same with my costumes for the Disney races--they are called Hidden Mickeys.

Torchlight said...
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