21 June 2013

Queen of Heart Running outfit, part 2

This costume was for the Tower of Terror 10 mile race in Disneyworld, the theme being villains.  For reference (again), the queen.

So the hardest part of the queens skirt is the front piece, because of all those damn diagonals.  This is the front panel, before pressing and topstitching.  Not too shabby.

Although all the thread changes were a pain, the rest of the skirt was pretty easy to put together.  The front includes a secret pocket for my phone so I can take pictures during the race.  Which is, of course, the whole point of the Disney race (for me at least!).

Then came the crown.  I had a horrible pair of gold metallic leggings from a past dance performance that I cut up and used to cover the simple stiffened felt base.  I also used the leggings to cover a pair of earrings I made to  match the queen, but forgot to take a pic of those...

I added some thread loops on the inside so I could clip it securely to my head.  It had to last and be comfortable for 10 miles of running.  

Finally, in the movie the Queen wears heart bloomers.  Although I knew no one would see them, I had to be as true to the original as I could.  So I took my white running shorts and be-hearted them with some red fabric pens.

Heart bloomers in progress

And on my hiney.  :-)

I attached the little white rabbit to my shoulder and the cheshire cat to my rear end and voila!  Outfit complete.  

Final outfit included shirt, skirt, heart bloomers, crown, fabric earrings, red ribbon for my hair, and two crocheted companions

Here is the front, before and after the race:

And the back with a booty shot.  :-)

Although the race itself was disappointing, the costume was a delight to run in.  Very comfortable, despite the extreme heat and humidity.  It was an inaugural race, so hopefully next year they will make some improvements to the course and have a bit more fun things on the course.  

After this I did the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in California dressed as Vidia (one of Tinkerbell's fairy friends). Posts on that race and costume to come.  


The Slapdash Sewist said...

So adorable! I am impressed with all your ingenuity. I'd love to see shots of your thread loops on the crown and how you secure it to your hair--I always have a hard time with small headpieces (my thin, fine hair might have something to do with it).

Brooke said...

I'll take some pics when I get home. I also have thin fine hair and have a hard time getting things to stick to my head.

The ponytail helped in this case, I think. Since my hair was all slicked back tight and didn't move much, the clips had a better chance of not sliding right out like they usually do.

Candyce Nicole said...

How great is this?! You did a fantastic job!

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