17 February 2012

The making of a princess

One week from today, I will be traveling to Florida to run in the Princess Half Marathon at DisneyWorld. Two friends will be running with me. They are both accomplished runners.

I am not a runner. In fact, I suck at running. But I have been training since December and will probably make it to the finish line.

The one thing I am excited about for this race is the costume. Yes, I said costume. For a half marathon. Shut up.

I will be dressing as Rapunzel, because I like that she hits everyone with a frying pan and is sassy. My running companions will be Jasmine and Sleeping Beauty. They are both erring on the side of sanity and mostly just running in the colors of their princesses with some princess bling. I, however, am recreating in as fine a detail as possible and practical, the outfit from the movie.

A reference image

I will not be making it in a brocade, but in tech fabrics because I still have to run in this sucker. I found some perfect tech fabric for the skirt, but had trouble finding fabric for the top. I ended up buying several extra large lavender tech shirts, which I will cut up and reconstruct into the bodice.

I also bought a small frying pan necklace off etsy. Cause it was awesome

My supplies:

I bought a pattern off of etsy and crocheted a version of Pascal, also known as "Frog", who will ride along on my head or my shoulder.


I have the skirt and top roughly cut out. Now I am working on the embroidery and brocade pattern for the skirt. The brocade pattern I will be painting onto the underskirt by hand with fabric paint. The embroidery I will do on my machine.

I found lots of reference images and borrowed a Rapunzel costume from a four year old I know to get the patterns right. I made the sketch below of some of the embroidery pieces and hopefully will digitize and start stitching it out tonight. I did another sketch (not pictured) of the brocade pattern and will be painting that as the machine stitches.

I may suck at the running part, but I am gonna look damn fine as I fail. :-)


Becky said...

Heehee! That's awesome. :D Love the Pascal, he's so cute!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Ha, I love this--running as an excuse to dress up. You have to show the final result.