07 March 2011

Whirlwind of Shimmys

I have been sewing like a madwoman, trying to complete a belly dance costume by the show date of March 26th.

I will write more details on the costume after the show, but in the meantime, here are a few in progress shots....

The bra, complete. It looks better on me. My dress form has a tragically small chest, a deficiency I do not suffer from. :-)

The belt, in progress

The skirt is the same black velvet as the bra, with heavy scatter beading at the bottom phasing into light beading at the top. I actually finished one version, but then realized that I cut the skirt so the velvet nap was not in the "pretty" direction. So after 40+ hours of work on it, I decided to chuck it and start over. I am keeping the old pieces intact in case I run out of time, but have recut and started beading a new skirt. Which is insane, because no one would ever notice the "mistake" if I didn't point it out, but it was bugging me so there it is.

Speaking of which...back to beading!!! :-)

1 comment:

jeni said...

Looks great Brooke! Hey -- put a bra on the form, stuff it, and work that way. it will help.

love and 3 half figure 8's,