11 January 2011

I'm Not Dead Yet.

Yes readers, I am still alive. If there are any of you left to read this! I took a long unannounced break from blogging, but not from sewing. I plan on posting some updates on what I worked on during my six-month hiatus as well as my current project.

Currently, I am working on a belly dance costume for an upcoming show in March. It consists of a long trumpet skirt, a belt, and a bra, all based in black stretch velvet and all heavily decorated. I haven't settled on the final design for the bra and belt yet, but based on the beading I have done so far on the skirt, it will be about 20+ hours worth of beading for the skirt alone. My lunch hours will be very full for the foreseeable future. :-)

Until I get pictures of the belly costume, here is a picture of the last project I spoke about before disappearing, the belly dance show cover-up/caftan.

I ended up going with a plain blue linen blend and embroidered peacock embellishments on panels with sparkle organza and silver trim. In some places I cutout the feathers and left them hole-y, in others I did some reverse applique and added beads. Turned out ok and it worked fine for the show last June, although I am already wanting something else....

Collar Trim with close-up views

Sleeve trim

Hem Trim with close-up view


RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Greetings. If you will be at Art of the Belly in OC, then I shall see you there! I, too, will be performing. Love the caftan. I need a new one myself.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Love the reverse applique effect on the caftan! It is very 1940s loungewear glam.

Bitterbetty said...

La la Love those peacocks. I don't Bellydance myself but have several good friends who are Serious. Can't wait to check in on your costume progress!