21 April 2010

Shimmying, try again later

Sorry for the long blog silences. I have had so little time to sew lately and even less time to blog.

Along with my usual swing dancing madness (including one of DC's big dance weekends DCLX earlier this month), I have added belly dancing to the mix. I actually joined a performance troupe last month and have been crazy busy with twice a week rehearsals, preparing for a show on June 5. Plus I have become kinda the default leader of the group because I remember choreography easily, so I have spent even MORE time helping out my fellow dancers who are falling behind a bit.

On top of all that, I am on a major weight loss binge. I am down 15 lbs from my highest weight, and 10 lbs since the beginning of March. Nothing like knowing you are gonna be shimmying half naked on a stage in a few months to kick the motivation into gear. :-) Anywho, it is hard to sew with my rapidly changing body because almost as soon as I finish something, it doesn't fit anymore!

But fear not! I have some scathingly brilliant ideas in the vintage arena that I will be jumping into full force in June.

Patience until then grasshoppers. I promise I will return and hope you will still be here checking in when I do!


Carrie said...

Gold star for the weight-loss! I can't wait to see your pictures in June.

Carrie said...
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DaCraftyLady said...

wow you are busy..dacing is a great way to lose weight I have been conteplating joining a dance class to lose weight... keep it up and see ya when you return...Debb

Jamie Lee said...

I can't wait to see what you work on in June. I've been checking back every night hoping you've posted something as I've been following your blog for inspiration...Congrats on the weight loss!!!