15 January 2010


So after all my Christmas gift making madness (more posts on those later after I fully recover. ha!), I feel the need to go back to my sewing roots and make a garment.

I am in the middle of a weight loss adventure, and while I just cinch in my work pants with a belt for now, that doesn't work for the more active use that my dancing clothes get. After a few near wardrobe malfunctions on the dance floor (note to self, ALWAYS wear nice undies dancing, even under pants. Just in case.) So I need to make a few pairs of pants in my current size to get me through until I settle down at my "forever weight" and start making visions of gorgousness that I will wear everyday because they will fit me forever. As I ride my unicorn off into the sunset. :-)

I decided to try out the Hot Patterns 1091 Wong Singh Jones Marrakesh Drawstring Pants and I am currently searching for The Perfect Fabric--although I find it difficult to buy fabrics on-line when drape is a major factor in your results and this pattern definitely qualifies. I don't want to resort to Joann's, but I may have to in order to be able to feel my way to the right drape.

If any of y'all have any suggestions for a particular .com fabric you have run across that would work for this one, please throw them my way. I do need to be able to dance (and sweat!!) in them so it has to be fairly easy care fabric. And since these are "temporary" pants, I don't want to spend gobs of cash.

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Myra said...

What about french terry? Fabric.com had some, don't know if they still do, though.