03 June 2009

Works in Progress

Since the dragon bag isn't working as my daily bag, I am making a new bag, using the Carry All bag from Nicole Mallalieu. I figure a bag named "Carry All" should be good to...well...carry all my crap.

I am going to applique an owl on it, because I have a thing with owls lately. I have over a dozen owl fabrics, but they are all quilting cottons and I want to use a more substantial canvas for my every day bag. Here is the owl pattern and my pile of fabrics that I plan to use laid roughly in owl shape to see how it will look.

I am set on the body fabric, but the rest of them I am not sure about....

Another work in progress is a toddler quilt. Cars and trucks is the theme, and this is the quick sketch I made for it. (Lame sketch I know, but I use Paint to do it as that is what I have available. I am sure there is a better way.) I am going to do yellow lines down the black sashing so it looks like roads.

The focus fabric is Dig It by Michael Miller.

The fabrics for this one are all washed up and ready to cut. I think this one is going to be really cute.

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Bek said...

That dig it quilt is going to be great. I think the yellow lines will really set it off too.