19 June 2009

Squirrel! Woof!

My sister was kind enough to do my hair for my wedding, and in return I offered to do some sewing for her.

Her choice.....a custom collar for her dog with squirrels on it!

I machine embroidered the tiny little squirrels and stitched it up for her. It was surprisingly easy to do once I disassembled a cheap collar to figure out how it was put together.

And I have to admit.....it turned out pretty cute.

Here it is modeled on my stuffed horse (the cats wouldn't stand still for it!).

Other shots


gwensews said...

Now, there's a idea--couture dog collars! I do believe that even in this economy, doggie accessories would sell.

Claire S. said...

As the human of two 2 furbabies, I think it's extremely CUTE !

But, having watched said furbabies frantically chase squirrels from 'their' hydro wire, I don't know how they'd feel about wearing some embroidered on their collar - LOL :-)

Summerset said...

Absolutely adorable!