27 April 2009

The Mod Squad, starring me and Bruce the Avenger

The quilt is progressing nicely. It is so very relaxing to piece. And I have to say, all of the advice and instructions included in the Mod Sampler quilt-along totally rock. I feel like my rotary cutting and my piecing skills increased just by reading them, let alone following them!

The fabrics I am using (Just for you BeeBee!). The colors are prettier in real life, relaxing blues and greens and aquas.

Work in progress. I love the organizing cards that Oh Fransson recommended in the quiltalong...all those little pieces would be really hard to sort out otherwise. I am about three quarters done with the blocks. I plan to pick out the sashing on Thursday and maybe finish the top this weekend.

My new best friend.

Makes it soooo much easier to square up finished blocks when I just have to center this little fellow on it and cut around rather than measuring from the center out on each side.

The fancy machine is in the shop, so I have been doing this on the industrial, Bruce.....and what a pleasure it is! I am still a little askaird of him, but putting together this quilt has meant some quality time spent with Bruce the Avenger (I am not sure what he is avenging.....poor stitch quality perhaps?), and I am slowly getting used to him. And he makes such pretty pretty stitches and is so smmooooooooth. I think I love him.

When I get the fancy machine back, I will do the scary part of this project...free motion quilting. ACK!

Parting shot: Seriously Fred, how does that even begin to be comfortable? He slept this way for several hours.


wendy said...

I have one of those little square rulers as well, and it's SO AWESOME. :-) Definitely beats trying to use a regular ruler to square off a finished block anyday!

Myra said...

I have that one, too and it makes it easier. I, too, find quilting a good retreat when garments aren't cooperating, which is often for me, but clothes for the girls usually comes out fine, less fit, I guess.

gwensews said...

You're enjoying what you're working on and that's just great!

Anonymous said...
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