13 March 2009

I love this

I can't remember where I originally saw this many moons ago, but I just watched it again and loved it, again. :-)

Pattern For Smartness

Gee whiz, I sure would like that Know How Look.

All I need is a Gigantic Pattern that comes to life and talks to me. In rhyme. And helps me fit things. Yeah.


SewDucky said...

ROFL I saw this years ago when my Aunt let e take a sewing class at Fabric World in like 87. My Aunt was told "I can't teach her anything, she LIKE the old stuff!" (I wanted to make one of the dresses.)

Great find and thanks for the memory!

My Big Mouth said...

Too funny.I love those old vintagey shows like that.The acting was terrible,but great video.Thanks for sharing.