25 January 2009

A New Baby!

Not the human kind! The sewing kind!

Yesterday I (and The Husband) went to pick up the newest addition to the sewing room, an industrial sewing machine! It is a used Juki DDL 5500 with automatic back-tacking and thread snippers.

I bought it from Robin and I couldn't be more excited. Robin and her husband are just the nicest folks you could ever hope to meet. They both took so much time to figure out how to get the durned thing in the van and showing us all the bits and pieces of the machine, even taking pictures of things before disassembling for transport and emailing them to me. I swear if there had been any room left in the minivan I borrowed from my friend, I totally would have packed them up and taken them home too! :-)

One snafu in the whole deal. Here is the machine in its current state...or perhaps I should say states.

Machine, on the floor in the sewing room

Table, resting in the entryway downstairs (with Fred inspecting it)

Yeah, we got the table this far and my back gave out. Obviously I need more time at those core muscle classes at the gym! And you see those stairs behind the table...it needs to go UP those. So for now the table sits in our entryway, and the machine is safe from kitty paws in my sewing room, until our friend can come over tomorrow and help The Husband with it up the stairs.

I can't wait!!!!!


Gorgeous Things said...

Oh I'm so glad you and Robin got together and gave that machine a good home! I tried to talk her out of getting rid of it, but I'm happy to see you got it. It is a beast though. The head isn't that bad, but the motor/table are killer. I carried mine up to my sewing room, then down again and upstairs to the new studio. You really do need Pilates for that thing.

My Big Mouth said...

Cangrats on the the new machine!
How fun...I bet you are chopping at the bits.
I know I would be.Besure the get pics after its all set up.

edward and lilly said...

Now that is an impressive machine, you must be so excited!