19 August 2008

neverending story

My orange cat Fred is back at the vet. When I got home from work today, his front paw was all swollen and scary looking. Turns out he fractured all four toes on his foot. We have no idea how. He is at the vet being splinted right now and The Boy is downstairs emptying out a room so we can shut him in without fear of him jumping on something and hurting himself. I am going to put a mattress on the floor so I can sleep in there with him, so he won't be so scared.

This does not bode well for all the wedding sewing that needs to get done. The wedding is less than two months away. No clothes (two dresses for me, a suit for him) have been made and only a few pieces are muslined.

not. good.

Me and Fred, last Christmas.

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Summerset said...

Awww - poor kitty! I hope Fred heals up quick and you can get to the sewing!