26 March 2008

Vote for Fred!

As some of you know, Trey and I adopted two special needs cats from the SPCA last July. The SPCA has been extremely supportive and generous to us through the multiple surgeries and treatments our two cats have needed since then.

And now is our chance to help pay them back. Bissel (the cleaning people) are running a Most Valuable Pet contest, and they will donate 10,000 to the SPCA (our chosen charity) if we win the photo contest.

So please take a minute and help us help them by clicking on the link below and voting for the picture of our cat Fred. And please pass this along to as many folks as you like.

Vote For Fred HERE

Thanks so much.



Mom2fur said...

Fred's got my vote!

Summerset said...

Absolutely got my vote! We always adopt shelter kitties or those destined for the shelter.

Sewfast said...

I cast my vote for Fred...we support shelter kitties...my grandkitty Lola came from the shelter and my daughter volunteers there...probably will be more grandpets before human grandkids...LOL...Mary

Anonymous said...

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