04 January 2008

Bad Auntie! No Cookie!

My best friend had her second child the first week of October. And as I made her first child a beautiful hand embroidered wall hanging thingy and gave it to them the day she was born, I felt the need to do the same with the second.

But it wasn't finished in time. So I figured I would give it to them for X-mas.

But it still isn't finished. Instead they got a picture of what it might eventually look like if it is ever finished.

But I didn't feel that guilty, as the child is still an infant and will not ever know that her wall hanging was many many many months too late.

I do feel slightly guilty that the fabulous stuffed doggy complete with dog house that I am making for the three year old--who DOES know that Auntie Brooke did not come bearing gifts at X-mas--is also not finished.

I stopped feeling all that bad when I saw the ginormous mountain of gifts she had. My hard work would have been lost among the Dora Beauty Salon and the mini-trampoline I am sure. So I have decided that the dog with house will be a Yay, You Pee In The Potty Now present, as that is the big effort that is going on in their house right now. That should give me at least a few more weeks, right?

But just to make myself feel a little better, here are a few pics of the awesome gift she got from me last year, Dotty Kitty and Carrier--the dog/doghouse will eventually be a companion to them.

As an aside, Dotty Kitty is rarely allowed in her carrier now, as the two real live cats in residence have decided that it is theirs. Despite the fact that it requires elbow length gloves and three people and a taser to get them into a REAL carrier. I love cats.

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Tamara said...

It is absolutely ADORABLE! Your niece is going to LOVE it. This is definitely worth the wait.